I've heard a lot of requests for my sketches, both in general, and from my old 'photoshoot sketchbook.'

I've posted a few here, with more to come from time to time, as I find them, or creaet them, then, of course, scan them. Enjoy.

Recently added, most are 15-20 years old! (dates given are estimated)

(some have slight water damage/friction wear, contrast may have been added to restore original look)

All artwork made with Ebony Pencil, unless stated otherwise.

please scroll down to see the entire set of sketches

"Nefertiti," dated sometime around 1991, tattooed onto Toby Laba
"Der Tod und Die Madchen," for Westgate Gallery, New Orleans, around 1992

Alien reconstruction, 1992
T-Shirt design for the band 'Runesong,' 1993
"Lazarus 9" series logo, 1993, ink on transparency
"Semper in Angaria," 1993
Untitled , 1993
"Eurydice" series 1988-1994
"Bacchanalia," 1994

Hellraiser / Alternative Anatomies / Experiemental / Bondage Series


Faux Renaissance-Era, 1988-2001
"Post-Coital Cigarettes" Pseudo-product promo, 1998
"Egyptian/Erte Girl " idea for a Burlesque Troupe logo, 1998


Mermaid Series, 1998-2002 (some flash art)


Photographic journal sketches, 2001
Sketches for 'Evropa' project, 2002
Sketches/Logos for the 'Sisters of Salome,' 2003
Sketches for 'Sublind' project, 2004
portrait of Kate Convery, 2004

Pin-Up (more to come soon)

Sketch for FFXI

Sketch for Final Fantasy XI project, 2004

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