“Vasa Iniqvitatis : The Nine Mvses of the End of Days, and the Sedvction of Oblivion.”

Most of the ‘V’s are indeed Roman/Latin ‘U’s.

Vasa Iniqvitatis is Latin for, roughly,‘Vessels of Wickedness.’

The ‘hats’ are to resemble pendulums, even if some appear to look like a 90-degree slighted Roman helmet, peacock fan, machine gear, axe blade, half-moon, or such. The detail within the figures is Ivory Black on Mars Black, to which you can only see close-up, or with an odd-angle light source, otherwise, the silhouettes appear solid black; they, upon even closer inspection, have no eyes, not even the center one. The ‘Eyes’ are on the left and right sides of the painting, each with a planetary sign in its iris. (original 9 planets, that is.)

Last Supper reference : instead of 13 (12+1,) there are 9 (8+1,) for many reasons, (including, counting spaces, the title is 81 letters long, 9x9,) and where the central figure is leaning into the figure to its right, this is intentionally opposite of DaVinci’s Last Supper, where they’re facing away from each other. Instead of pointing fingers, there are Roman spears positioned upward. Instead of soft robes, there is a sort of decorative Roman armor battle-dress. The Chalice (a spiked one,) appears to cradle the female’s womb, an age-old metaphor for a chalice, and vice-versa.

Snakes, an ‘evil,’ ground-hugging animal, is ‘above’ while the universe/starfield is ‘below,’ an inverse of everything, with a galaxy swirling about the central figure’s navel/Solar Plexus, and a flattened galaxy emerges from her sacrum (as in Kundhalini.).

Around the 'universal' cape, and accenting the capes of the others, are a kind of heavenly Aurora, with hints of green, as well as deep blue.

Why orange, goldish-green? Unlike Blue (sadness,) red (anger,) yellow (happy,) and other immediately associative colors, Orange, and that Green-Gold I use is psychologically neutral; instead of immediately pulling a mood out of it color-wise, you’re forced to take your impact from the image itself.

Roman numerals, left to right : 2, 7, 5, 3, 9, 6, 1, 8, 4

The major three, left, center, and right (2,9,4)
The left three (7,5,3,)
The right three (6,1,8)

Forms this :


…which 1-9 is used only once, and each horizontal row, vertical row, and diagonal one equals 15, it’s an old Chinese trick, called ‘Nine Mansions’ or ‘Lo’s Document.’

Those sigils on the left and right?

If you that that number square, and draw a line through 1,2,3 then 4,5,6 then 7,8,9, you get that symbol, which happens to be the sigil of Saturn (note the large jewel on the Chalice,) and the one on the right, same 9-square setup, connects as a pitchfork/Neptune/Poseidon.

While painting this, I played Godflesh’s ‘Streetcleaner’ album constantly (“Like Rats,” mostly,) and Carl Orff’s “Fortune Plango Vulnera.”