“Farewell my Milky Way.”

This painting was done in three days, yet not rushed. The girl is actually no-one in particular, but all of the details are extremely relevant; alluding to a familiar terminology, mythology, metaphors, and conversatons by someone very dear to me for nearly a decade... and has grown even more significant. Originally, the girl in depicted was supposed to be ever more cartoonish, and much, much younger. I sketched the face, and immediately built her relative age around it.

The constellation Pisces is in the background, there's a name hidden within the stars, and a secret envelope to the universe is about to fall out of her pocket, but the message is leaking out.

Is she standing in the splashing rain, or upon the Milky Way itself? There's only a few stars left in the sky, and can't help but give a Mona Lisa smile to a select few. Is she clad in a Neptune-colored dress underneath the raincoat, or is she some sort of vortex or Black Hole?

Will she find the one star in the sky she's looking for? Is she saying goodbye to a dream for another one? Is she forging her own universe, or is she simply re-aranging her sky?