Currently living in (yes, this changes often) New Orleans, Louisiana.

Born and predominantly raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I've also lived seasonally in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Vero Beach, Florida, Hollywood, CA, Atlanta, GA, and overseas, to finally return to New Orleans.

I prefer to lounge in merry old London, relax and recharge in lovely Paris, and always lunge for a chance to be reunited with my beloved Prague (Praha1.)

Since late 2010, I use a Canon 7D, with a 50mm,18mm-175mm, 16-35mm 2.8 USM EF, and a 75mm-300mm lens, with a 430EX II and a 580EX IIspeedlight and Promaster UV / IR / Circular Polarizing filters (sometimes all at once.) I can't wait to push its abilities further!

For 35mm, I use a Minolta Maxxum Dynax 9xi, with a Tamron 28-220mm and a Minolta 50mm lens, using Promaster filters.

For vintage, a self-restored Target 6-16 Brownie Deco edition.

I also exclusively use Kodak CN, Porta 160 & 400 VC, Portra 160 & 400 NC film, for their contrast and overall density, quality, and flexibility. When shooting infrared, I use Kodak HIE B&W film. My flash units are three Minolta 5400HSs, and a Promaster Ring-Flash.

From 2008-2010, I used a Sony Alpha 100 with the Minolta accessories above, with a little hardware tweaking.

For prints, I prefer satin/pearl Ilford paper, whose finish is without parallel.

My flood-ighting kit is a Smith-Victor KT-900 (1250Watt) system, whose versatility, portability, and company service I recommend. All other lighting are hand-made contraptions.

As for painting, I usually only produce two a year, however quick I might be from start to finish, but I'm working on increasing that yield.
Jian Bastille
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Jian Bastille

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